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Vrolijke student medewerkers serveren op een event, ontdek flexibele bijbanen met ETRXA - het studenten uitzendbureau
studenten team in actie op een festival, sluit je aan bij EXTRA voor leuk werk in de evenementensector
Enthousiaste studenten bij populaire evenementen, vind serieus leuk werk bij het studenten event uitzendbureau EXTRA




Wachten op je salaris is vervelend, zeker wanneer je net begint met werken en snel geld nodig hebt. Dat begrijpen we bij studenten uitzendbureau EXTRA maar al te goed. Daarom introduceren we Payday van ABN-AMRO, waarmee je direct na je shift uitbetaald krijgt. Bij EXTRA hoef je niet te wachten op je hard verdiende geld! Na elke gewerkte zie je je salaris meteen op je bankrekening verschijnen. EXTRA snel geld verdienen is bij ons de standaard, zodat jij je op de belangrijke dingen kan focussen. Bij EXTRA zorgen we ervoor dat je nooit meer op je salaris hoeft te wachten.

Studenten team werkt samen bij evenement, genietend van flexibele bijbanen met onmiddellijke betaling via EXTRA.
Student gebruikt EXTRA app voor snelle uitbetaling na werk in horeca en evenementen, direct geld op rekening.
Gemotiveerde studenten verdienen belongspunten bij EXTRA Uitzendbureau, inwisselbaar voor concertkaartjes, fietsen, bioscoopbonnen, en sportabonnementen


At EXTRA we have developed a points system that allows you to earn points by working hard, achieving high scores and even by referring other people. 


You can then exchange these points for great student deals. Think of discounts on concert tickets, bicycles, cinema vouchers, sports subscriptions and much more. 


The more you work and contribute, the more points you earn.


Screenshot van de planningsapp van Studentenuitzendbureau Extra, met een overzicht van opdrachten en horeca klussen, ideaal voor studenten op zoek naar bijbanen in horeca en evenementen.


Every EXTRA employee has the EXTRA app on his phone where he or she can immediately see which event is waiting for EXTRA hands. They are then able to register immediately for the event. 

EXTRA can give this an EXTRA push via a special notification or can make a high-quality selection via the EXTRA Ambassadors. 

  • How can I apply for a VAT ID?
    You can request a VAT ID at: Tax authorities:  You can request your VAT ID via the Tax authorities. By completing the document 'Opgaaf Startende Onderneming ' you can submit the application. The application must be sent by post and you will receive your VAT ID within two weeks._8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511 -2eb009ed8a2d_ Chamber of Commerce: When you register with the Chamber of Commerce, you are officially registered in the trade register. You will receive a VAT ID and a Chamber of Commerce number. Read the steps below on how to apply to the Chamber of Commerce:  Step 1 | Go to the Chamber of Commerce website and click on inschrijven.  Step 2 | Choose legal form: sole proprietorship.  Step 3 | Fill in the digital registration form.  Step 4 | Make an appointment at the location of your choice.  Step 5 | Complete the registration.  Step 6 | Congratulations! You are now your own boss.  Please note that you will be charged a one-off €51.95 for your registration.  
  • How does EXTRA work?
    You can register via our registration form. After you have registered you will be invited to our office. After acceptance you will receive the login details of the Extra app and you can see all assignments in an overview. You can decide where and when you work with a minimum of 3 shifts per month.
  • What is "EXTRA"?
    EXTRAATJE is our loyalty program, this is an app that is linked to our scheduling system. You can build up points by, for example, getting good assessments, working a lot and supplying other people. You can then exchange these points for nice rewards. More information can be found here.
  • Will I receive a travel allowance?
    You will not receive a travel allowance from us in the cities where we are active. If you work elsewhere, we will in most cases arrange a car, if not, you can declare the travel costs and travel hours to us. Travel time: one way - half an hour.
  • What is holiday pay?
    The holiday pay, also known as holiday allowance or vacation allowance, is usually 8 percent of your gross wage and is on top of your gross hourly wage.
  • Am I tied to a contract?
    You can work with us in two ways, as a freelancer and based on a zero hours contract. In both ways you are not tied down.
  • I want to report sick, how can I do that?
    Unfortunately, being sick is never fun! 🤒 But if this is the case, we have an unsubscribe protocol. This means that you cancel at least 3 hours in advance with our Extra planner, an app is not enough. If you become ill at work, you can report this to your manager and to the Extra contact person. Note: calling is a must! If you have complaints at an early stage, we will of course hear this as soon as possible.
  • Where can I find my pay slip?
    You can view the payslips in the salary portal: /#/login
  • What is the difference between holiday money and holiday hours?
    Holiday allowance (also known as holiday pay) is an extra that you receive on top of your salary, and that amount is equal to 8% of your gross salary.
  • How do I submit my hours?
    You can register your hours via the "Extra" app. As soon as you have finished working, you can unsubscribe. Give the client an assessment, just as the client can give you an assessment. PS. did you know that by working a lot and getting good reviews you can earn extra points? You can then exchange these Extra points for nice rewards. For more information, look at
  • How do I submit a complaint or provide feedback?
    After each assignment you can enter the hours via our planning system, where you can give the client an assessment. We can use these reviews as feedback for our customers. In addition, you can always contact us, it only makes us better! 🔥
  • Hoe schrijf ik mij in bij EXTRA?
    Je kan je hier inschrijven 🔥 Ps. wist je dat als je je bij ons inschrijft gebruik kan maken van unieke studentendeals? Zie hier welke deals dat zijn.


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